The Protection Nero – For 38mm Watches


Bajer’s “Protection” motif honors the Kurdish woman who wove her fight into her rug. You can weave your emotions into your watch, carrying it all your life to tell a story of your own without using a single word.

Suitable for the Artemita Collection and the 38mm watch category in the Sophene Collection.


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The Protection Nero for 38mm Watches

The Protection Nero for 38mm watches is for Bajer’s Artemita and Sophene Collection.

The Bajer Watches Protection motif honors the Kurdish woman who wove her wish to protect the household into her rug.

You can carry your emotions on your wrist with our hand-crafted straps. You can tell a story of your own without using a single word.

Go ahead and explore our other motifs in the wristband section.

There are other straps than Protection Nero for 38mm watches in the wristband collection.

We have two more motifs in overall five colors.

Bajer Watches has a wide variety of colors in its color palette for both watches and wristbands.

Bajer Watches have inherited all the colors from natural resources in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

Nevertheless, we are proud to provide you with a unique, hand-crafted leather wristband. 

After all, not all straps are created equal. For example, every strap is hand-made in family-owned ateliers in Italy.

Boasting a unique look is only achieved from hand-crafted detailing. Leather is a natural product. Please note that colors may vary slightly from strap to strap.

That is why they do not necessarily match identically with product images.

Environmental Awareness

Bajer Watches produced leather straps in low-impact workshops. In addition to this,  our partners in Italy use certified-sustainably sourced leather from spin-off production.

That is why they use only skins dyed with chromium-free pigments in the leather coloring process.

The leather used for the lining undergoes a HYDRO treatment, creating more resistance to water and sweat for the part of the strap in contact with skin.

All of our leather products are registered and certified under the EU REACH* Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 * (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restrictions of Chemicals)

Wristband Width: 18mm 
Wristband Color: Nero - Black
Leather: Handcrafted 100% Italian Leather Strap, designed and mounted by a local, family-owned atelier in Italy. 
Wristband: Easily interchangeable with other 18 mm Bajêr wristbands to effortlessly accommodate interchangeable styling. Accident-free- quick release spring bar: strap can be removed without using any tools.
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