To begin with, in this FAQ section, we did our best to respond to all the possible questions you may ask about our brand, production, shipment, and all other related matters.

Please read all the FAQs to find an answer to your question. However, if the answer to your question is not listed here, please feel free to send us an email and we will respond ASAP.

Feel free to let us know if you want us to start a new title under the FAQs.

Who Are We?

Above all, Bajer is a contemporary fashion brand capturing the richness of culture and sophistication of Kurdish fashion.

In addition to producing high-quality pieces to elevate the style, you can find curated nuance in every product. Bajer believes in the importance of elevating women through measurable impact.

Furthermore, drawing on the story of Kurdish women, their strength, and the effects of their creativity on their families and communities in Turkey, we are giving back to the communities that raised us.

What is Our Mission?

So, made possible with every purchase, Bajer products provide peace, empowerment, and new opportunities for the women and children supported by the company’s initiatives in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

In addition, a portion of our proceeds goes to NGOs that assist Kurdish women and children by elevating their education levels, financial independence, and the overall well-being of the community.

FAQ – Why Do We Collaborate?

Our collaborators at Bajer are all locals of the Kurdish regions in Turkey. Moreover, Bajer takes its unique designs in decoding the secret language of Kurdish women from this tradition.

We believe in social impact as much as good design. Therefore, our beautiful and powerful motifs are how Kurdish women communicate with the rest of the world. So, our goal is to make a change and provide an opportunity. 

Therefore, we selected our collaborators who have already made a change in their circle.

Proudly, Bajer watches support the local NGOs.

The goal is to create a prestigious image for the Kurdish in the global arena via fashion. In addition to this, we also aim to create a role model for other entrepreneurs and inspire women to change their communities.

Bajer draws the story of Kurdish women not only on their strength but also on the impact of their creativity on their families and communities.

Above all, we are giving back to the communities that raised us.

FAQ – Who Are Our Collaborators?

Enver Ozkahraman and HADD Organization:

We visited our collaborator Enver Ozkahraman in his rug-making ateliers in Wan/Van, Turkey. Our collaborations with organizations in Wan/Van and Amed/Diyarbakır ensure that part of every investment from you will support those who believe in our mission.

For instance, our local partner Enver Özkahraman, whose rug weaving workshops in Van preserve the art of Kurdish traditional rug weaving. In addition to this, his ateliers provide training for rug making and organic and natural yarn coloring processes.

In addition to rug weaving training, Enver Ozkahraman collaborates with certified experts. Furthermore, the professional experts provide training in local organic honey production, organic dairy products production.

Equally important, his workshops provide young artists with a source of income to improve their livelihood.

Lotus Genc Alan Organization:

The organization Lotus Genc Alan is more focused on the younger generations of Kurdish in the region. They provide support with a particular focus on education, awareness, gender-related subjects, and health.

Lotus Genc Alan is a locally managed but regionally operating NGO in the heart of the Kurdish region, in the city of Diyarbakir/Amed. The American and European Institutions have recognized them for their hard work in the area.

In addition, many well-respected international and national institutions funded them.  They have got many awards for their hard work from many respected international institutions such as European Union Delegation.

Please note that Bajer’s team and collaborators range from local and family-owned businesses to independent artists and photographers.

With an essential goal in mind, we collaborate with change-makers, curious, influential, encouraging, and inspiring locals to create a role model.



How Do I know my size?

Bajêr watches come in 3 sizes; 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm cases. The Basenia is 41mm. The Sophene Collection comes in two sizes, 38mm and 41mm. And come as single size, 40mm, in Corduene Collection.

Depending on your personal taste and style, you may prefer to go with either small size-38mm, or medium size-40mm, or large size-41mm. We recommend you measure your wrist before your purchase of Bajer.

Are Bajer Wristbands/Straps Interchangeable?

Bajer straps come in two size categories: 18mm and 20mm straps. You can easily exchange your strap within the same size category listed on the website.

Information on Quartz Watches

We powered our watches with Quartz batteries. The batteries last around 24-30 months. If you are willing to increase the battery life, you can stop your watch when you do not wear it for a couple of days.

Collection and Treatment of the Dead Batteries

Quartz Watches contain a battery as well as plenty of electronic components. Thus, you need to recycle carefully for the sake of our environment.

When you send your watch into service at Bajer Customer Care Center, we will be carefully disposing of the components with the current laws.

We will kindly remind you that you should not recycle your quartz watch and its items at household disposal. You need to return the dead batteries to a local authorized collection system.

The symbol below indicates this specific info on your warranty paper. At Bajêr, we pay close attention to the recycling of materials that will contribute to the protection of the environment.

Do Bajer Batteries contain Mercury?

Bajer batteries are lithium and mercury-free.



How Can I create my Bajer Account?

To create an account on Bajer’s website, please register your information to the section in which you see the account icon on the top left side of the homepage.

Once you create your account, you can access your info on the “My Account” section by signing into your account.

How Can I Make Changes on “My Account”?

To be able to make changes to your account, first sign in to your account. Then you can modify your account details.

How Can I Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Bajer’s Emails and/or Newsletters?

To Subscribe, please kindly enter your email in our “Subscription” box at the bottom of our Homepage. To unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link that has been sent to you via email.

Is My Information Secure with Bajer?

Yes, all the personal data and your payment information submitted through our website are safely secured by SSL encryption.



Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You may check out as a guest without having a Bajer account. However, we highly recommend you create an account for customized preferences, access your information easily for future orders, and save your desired items into a wishlist.

How Do I Place an Order?

Add your item into your shopping bag and follow the instructions for check out.

Can I shop on a mobile?

Bajer’s website is responsive and mobile-friendly. Yes, you can safely shop on your mobile from our online store.

How Many Products Can I order in a Single check out?

You can purchase as many items as you wish from our online store. We will make sure that our team will safely pack your items in a single shipping box.

How Do I Know If My Order is Placed?

Once you place your order successfully, you will receive a confirmation email shortly. Then we will start the shipment process and you will receive another email to confirm the shipment of your purchase.

How Will My Order be Packaged?

At Bajer, we want to do our part to protect the environment, therefore we try to minimize the amount of packaging we use. We very carefully designed our product box to avoid secondary packaging.

Thus it is less wasteful. We try to use paper-based recyclable products for our packaging. You will receive plastic-free packages.

Can I save a Product for Later?

Yes, you can. You can create an account and add the item you wish to save to your wishlist. Once it is on the wishlist, you can come back to your account anytime to purchase it.

Is it Safe to Shop at Bajer’s Site?

Yes. We protect all of your personal data and your purchase information securely by SSL encryption in our system.

We do not store and or detain your payment information including Paypal, Apple Pay, and other forms of payment.



What method of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all of the main credit cards – American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also use PayPal for quick purchases.



Where Does Bajer Ship?

Bajer ships to North America: Canada, Mexico and The United States

Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Vatican City, Spain,

Portugal, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Monaco, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Moldova,

Albania, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Malta, Iceland, Andorra.

Can I track my package?

Yes! We will send you a shipping confirmation email once your product is on its way, which includes a tracking link for your package.

How much is Shipping?/ or is Shipping Free to All countries?

We offer complimentary standard free shipping on all orders worldwide. In addition, express shipping is available depending on the location on your own expanse as well.

When will my order be shipped?

Your package will be processed for shipment within 3 to 5 business days after your order. We will inform you via email when we ship the item. Then, we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your package.

How Are the Order Processing, Dispatch, and Delivery Processes?
Processing Processes

Orders are processed only on clear payment confirmation from our bankers and payment gateway provider.

Dispatch Processes

Orders are dispatched on the same day or the next working day as per the USA calendar.

Dispatch of orders may get delayed due to a shortage of stock or any other unavoidable reason.

In a case where the order is not dispatched within three days of placing the order, the customer may cancel the order any time before dispatch of the concerned order.

Delivery Processes

For delivery of your orders, we use only renowned logistics providers, which may take 5-12 working days to deliver your goods if your delivery address is in the USA and 7 to 15 days if your delivery address is out of the USA.

However, in any case, the delivery of goods is the sole responsibility of the logistics company and the delivery time may vary from location to location.



What is your return policy?

We think you are going to love our watches, but you can return them within 30 days of purchase under certain conditions. However, the watch must be unworn, unused and undamaged, while in its original package.

In addition to this, we will also request proof of purchase to honor your refund.

If you provide us with your information when you check out, we will typically have a record of your purchase.

Moreover, our customers are responsible for paying for the shipping cost to send back the returning product.

So start by emailing us at returns@thebajer.com with the title: Return, and attach your order number and a brief description for the reason for the return.

Next, one of our associates will get back to you as soon as possible with more information and a return address.

Cost of Return Shipment?

The costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the customer. That is why you can ship with the carrier of your choice.

For your safety, make sure to get a tracking number so that you are protected in the event of theft or loss during delivery to us.

If you are issuing a return, it must be returned to us within 7 days of receiving the confirmation email from our return center.

You need to return all the goods in their original condition. Then, it will go through the inspection. Finally, we will refund the cost of the goods to the customer’s original form of payment within 5-7 business days of the date on which the inspection is done.

You cannot return an unauthorized product to us therefore, it shall be shipped back to you without any further liability of ours for return or replacement.

No return and refund apart from what is mentioned in this clause will be entertained by us.

How Do I Cancel My Order?

Orders may be canceled by phone or email prior to the day of dispatch. We will refund the cost of the purchase to the original payment method.

The banks process the refund via their credit/debit card services, please note that the refund will be made to reflect a cancellation fee of 5% of the initial purchase price.

This is to cover our merchant services costs levied as a result of the purchase. Special Terms To protect all our customers and make sure we handle every return with reasonable fairness, all orders are required to undergo quality control once it is received.

The refund will only be credited if the quality control yield is successful.

How Do I Return My Order?

You can make a return request within 30 days of your purchase. Please reach out to Bajêr’s Customer Care Center to receive your return address via email at returns@thebajer.com

The customers are responsible for the shipping fee for the return. You can ship with the carrier of your choice.

For your safety, make sure to get a tracking number.  So that your purchase will be protected in the event of theft or loss during delivery to us.

Can I return My Extra Wristband?
Returns are only applicable for Bajêr Watches. Separately purchased Extra wristbands are not subject to return.
What Is The Process of Return for My Bajêr Product?

All returns are subject to a quality control once received in our warehouse. Once our laboratories confirm the inspection, you will receive an informative email about the status of your return.

Refund will take place only if the quality control is successful. Items must be returned unworn, undamaged, unused, and in the original packaging.

How Can I Get a Refund?

Once your item has been received by our warehouse, it will go through inspection. Once our laboratories confirm the inspection, we will refund your original payment method.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Refund?

Usually, we process the refunds within 3 to 5 business days, but the process depends on your bank or payment method service.

How Can I Exchange A Product?

We do not have an exchange program for our products. If you would like to change it with another Bajer product or for a different color, size, or motif, please follow the process for return.

Then, you can place a new order on our online Bajer store for the item you would like to receive in exchange.

What’s not eligible for a return?

We are not able to offer returns on pre-ordered items which sold at a discount and/or products marked “final sale”.



Can I Change, Cancel, or Modify My Order?

You can’t change or modify your order after it you place your order.

If you want to cancel your order, please reach out to Bajer’s Customer Care Center via email at returns@thebajer.com before receiving your shipping confirmation.


Where Can I Purchase Bajer Products?

Bajer is an online selling- e-commerce company and sells its products directly from www.thebajer.com. You can order your Bajer from anywhere in the world.

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Do you offer a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, all the Bajer watches come with a unique identification number and warranty that certifies authenticity.

Do all Bajer products have a warranty?

The Bajer watches have two years of warranty, however, this warranty does not cover the straps neither purchased on the watch nor separately.

In addition, extra Wristbands are not covered by the warranty as well.

What Is NOT Covered by the warranty?

Bajer International Warranty does NOT cover:

– Defects and damage related to theft, fire or loss, and other causes beyond our control.

– Damage and defect due to misuse of the item, accident, and/or negligence.

– Damage and defect caused by personal improper usage of the item are not limited but include the knocking of the item, dents, crushing of the case or crystal, alterations, tampering, dismantling, etc.

– Bajer Customer Care Center is not responsible for services. and repairs.

– Bajer has third-party partners in the Services and repairs that can take care of your watch.

– Defect and damage caused by fair treatment of the item or a tear – Defect and damage of the straps.

FAQ – Do I need to activate my warranty?

Your Bajer watch is under 2 years of international warranty and will active the warranty on the day it will be shipped.

FAQ Are the Wristbands/Straps Cover by the Warranty?

The warranty does not cover straps.



Recommendations and Care of your Bajer Products

Your Bajer products were both designed and manufactured with great care and love. We designed our watches with quartz movements so that they contain a variety of delicate components.

Please avoid any sort of inaccurate adjustments and extreme temperatures to protect your products.

Water Resistance

Bajer watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters/5ATM.

Please note that, due to the natural material of the stripe, avoid having a bath or shower, swimming, or any sort of water-related sports with your watch.

Furthermore, water stresses the leather and over time, it might damage your stripes.

Water-resistant means the movement is protected front he dust, humidity, and any sort of damage caused by immersion.

So, this means you can use your watch safely in all the usual circumstances of your daily life.

However, you should avoid your watch from the high-pressure water, including water sports and extreme temperatures.

Quartz Watch Care

Bajer watches have quartz movements. First of all, the battery life is approximately 24 to 30 months.

Therefore, please avoid having an exhausted battery in your watch as it might negatively affect the movement.

How Can I Clean My Straps?

Our straps are %100 leather. Therefore, you need to clean with leather-friendly materials, such as creams and leather wipes.

Please kindly beware that the color of the straps might fade over time due to the nature of the leather and the natural pigments used during the dying of the leather.