What is Our Mission?

Our mission is simple; to empower women and children in the Kurdish rural of Turkey.

Although Bajer is a contemporary fashion brand, it is capturing the richness of culture and sophistication of Kurdish fashion. Kurdish women, heritage, and culture are the core of our designs and our brand. Above all, we elevate style with curated Kurdish designs unique to every product. Moreover, at Bajer watches we also believe in the importance of elevating women through measurable impact.

Bajer products offer a progressive lens into an underrepresented Kurdish culture. They are historically showcased from the Western perspective- offering a striking new narrative of representation. Furthermore, Bajer believes in social impact and good design, sporting a clean, modern look with intriguing backstories. 

Therefore, Bajer supports the NGOs that help women and children through educational assistance, financial independence, and the community’s overall well-being in the Kurdish region of Turkey.

Drawing on the story of Kurdish women, their strength, and the impact of their creativity on their families and communities in Turkey, we are giving back to the communities that raised us.

Made possible with every purchase, Bajer products provide peace, empowerment, and new opportunities for the women and children who are supported by the company’s initiatives in the Kurdish region of Turkey. A portion of our proceeds goes to NGOs that assist women and children by elevating their education levels, financial independence, and the overall well-being of the community in the Kurdish region.

Bajer is our story. Bajer is an extraordinary Kurdish story. It will make the world a better place for the next generations. Your contribution makes it possible for us to make a great impact. We are grateful that you are in this with us together. So, we are happy that we are not alone in this. . Thank you.