Please read carefully our warranty information below.

If you need further assistance with your order or need more details of your warranty information, feel free to email us at bajer@thebajer.com

We will do our best to help. 

What Is Covered By The Warranty?

The warranty of your Bajer watch comes in the package with your order.

Additionally, it is under two years of international warranty, and we will activate it on shipment day. 

Does it Cover the Straps/Wristbands? 

Extra Straps/Wristbands are not covered. 

Bajer International Warranty does NOT cover:

– Defects and damage related to theft, fire, or loss and other causes beyond our control. 
– Damage and defect due to misuse of the item, accident, and/or negligence. 
– Damage and defect caused by improper personal usage of the item are not limited but include the knocking of the item, dents, crushing of the case or crystal, alterations, tampering, dismantling, etc. 
– Services and repairs completed by a third party other than Bajer Customer Care Center. Please let us know if you need any assistance with this so that we can provide you with some service center information in your area. 
– Defect and damage caused by fair treatment of the item or a tear. 
– Defect and damage of the straps

* The Bajer watches have two years of coverage. However, it does not cover the straps on the watch or you purchased separately. 

Due to their nature, unfortunately, we cannot offer you coverage on the straps. 

Recommendations and Care of your Bajer Products

Your Bajer products were both designed and manufactured with great care and love. We designed our watches with quartz movements so that they contain a variety of delicate components.

Please avoid any sort of inaccurate adjustments and extreme temperatures to protect your products.

Water Resistance

Bajêr watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters/5ATM.

Please note that, due to the natural material of the stripe, avoid having a bath or shower, swimming, or any sort of water-related sports with your watch.

Furthermore, water stresses the leather and over time, it might damage your stripes.

Water-resistant means the movement is protected from the dust, humidity, and any sort of damage caused by immersion.

So, this means you can use your watch safely in all the usual circumstances of your daily life.

However, you should avoid your watch from the high-pressure water, including water sports and extreme temperatures.

Quartz Watch Care

Bajêr watches have quartz movements. First of all, the battery life is approximately 24 to 30 months.

Therefore, please avoid having an exhausted battery in your watch as it might negatively affect the movement.

How Can I Clean My Straps?

Our straps are %100 leather. Therefore, you need to clean with leather-friendly materials, such as creams and leather wipes.

Please kindly beware that the color of the straps might fade over time due to the nature of the leather and the natural pigments used during the dying of the leather.