Why do we collaborate with the local NGOs?

Our collaborators at Bajer are all locals of the Kurdish regions in Turkey. Bajer takes its unique designs in decoding the secret language of Kurdish women from this tradition. We believe in social impact as much as good design. Our beautiful and powerful motifs are how Kurdish women communicate with the rest of the world. So, our goal is to make a change and provide an opportunity. 

Therefore, we selected our collaborators who have already made a change in their circle. Proudly, Bajer watches support the NGOs that help women and children through educational assistance, financial independence, and the community’s overall well-being in the Kurdish region of Turkey. The goal is to create a prestigious image for the Kurdish in the global arena via fashion. In addition to this, we also aim to create a role model for other entrepreneurs and inspire women to change their communities. Bajer draws the story of Kurdish women not only on their strength but also on the impact of their creativity on their families and communities. Above all, we are giving back to the communities that raised us.

Who are our collaborators?

Enver Ozkahraman and HADD Organization:

We visited our collaborator Enver Ozkahraman in his rug-making ateliers in Wan/Van, Turkey. Our collaborations with organizations in Wan/Van and Amed/Diyarbakır ensure that part of every investment from you will support those who believe in our mission. Our local partner Enver Özkahraman, whose rug weaving workshops in Van preserve the art of Kurdish traditional rug weaving. His ateliers provide training for rug making and organic and natural yarn coloring processes. In addition to rug weaving training, Enver Ozkahraman collaborates with certified experts. The professional experts provide training in local organic honey production, organic dairy products production. Equally important, his workshops provide young artists with a source of income to improve their livelihood.

Lotus Genc Alan Organization:

The organization Lotus Genc Alan is more focused on the younger generations of Kurdish in the region. They provide support with a particular focus on education, awareness, gender-related subjects, and health. Lotus Genc Alan is a locally managed but regionally operating NGO in the heart of the Kurdish region, in the city of Diyarbakir/Amed. The American and European Institutions have recognized them for their hard work in the area. In addition, many well-respected international and national institutions funded them.  They have got many awards for their hard work from many respected international institutions such as European Union Delegation.

Please note that Bajêr’s team and collaborators range from local and family-owned businesses to independent artists and photographers. With an essential goal in mind, we collaborate with change-makers, curious, influential, encouraging, and inspiring locals to create a role model.