When we hear the term Swiss watch, our mind makes an image of a luxury timepiece, designed with attention to every minute detail and crafted with excellence. Yes, Swiss-made watches are indeed a piece of class. The Swiss watch carries a powerful legacy of craftsmanship.

Switzerland is known for its watch-making for ages. As they say, all things come to those who wait, for a brand to have the Swiss Made badging it has to comply with the 4 rules of the Swiss Federation Guidelines. These rules are laid to maintain the quality standards of the timepiece.

As we stated above, the watches made in Switzerland are top-notch in terms of quality and durability. For them the watches are barely a time instrument but, it is a symbol of luxury and a piece of perfection at the same time they should also be well built to last for generations.

Because we wanted to provide you with the best quality Swiss watches, we have found our one of the best in the market watchmakers. Therefore, we proudly collaborated with a family-owned small Swiss factory, TAN, located in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Tan is a 3-generation family-owned boutique Swiss watch-making company.
Moreover, Tan manufactures watches by attending to all aspects of production: from creating a prototype to mass production.

Swiss-made Bajer Watches and Tan are cooperated on the custom-designed watches by Swiss-Made Watches Bajer’s watch designers.
Furthermore, Tan supplies watch in steel, gold, titanium, and all types of quartz or mechanical movements, with expertise in chronograph and complicated mechanisms.

Therefore, Swiss-made Watches Bajer provides quartz and Chrono watches with the best quality steel and scratch and break resistant mineral glass.
Tan’s distinctive characteristic is the quality of its products with a very impressive and strict quality control phase.

Tan’s strictly technical and aesthetical control process, is ensured by a detailed inspection at every production stage.

Moreover, this process is assisted by modern and highly performant instruments that help identify and correct even the slightest imperfection.
Tan ateliers in Switzerland make all of our watches in-house.
Finally, Tan runs an awe-inspiring quality control on all the watches.
Swiss-Made Watches Bajer’s Watchmaking Process at Tan
Inspecting the components

All the watches components go through a visual inspection process one by one.
Assembling a sample piece

Our watchmakers then assemble a sample piece to determine the technical details (e.g., stem length, the height of hands, etc.), and then they ensure no problem might jeopardize the production process.

Mass production
We then proceed with the mass production of the series, starting with the manual fitting of the dial, followed by the expert positioning of the hands with the help of Seiler tools, which have been prepared and fitted for different calibers.

Nextstep is the casing: air ionizers allow static electricity removal from the components, thereby facilitating the cleaning process performed with compressed air and vacuum systems. Finally, the case back is secured with an electric screwdriver (if using screws) or a Seiler variable speed/torque tool (in the point of a screw-back case).

Water Resistance Testing
The water-resistance test requires a meticulous and detailed process. Therefore, we test the watches for a minimum of a 48-hour long process.
The testing process may occur long last due to the qualification of the watch.

Running Inspection
We test quartz watches for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure that the quality is perfect. Then we move to the next phase: finishing touches –we add a band or bracelet as a final step and then deliver the final product.

The power reserve of a watch wound to the maximum is checked and then again after 24 hours of running time.

Customer Inspection and Dispatch
Suppose customers wish to inspect the timepieces before we dispatch them. In that case, a space equipped with all the necessary instruments is made available to them to carry out technical and aesthetic checks.