Bajer has a wide variety of colors in its color palette for both watches and wristbands. All the colors were inherited from natural resources in the Kurdish region of Turkey. Bajer’s “Protection” motif honors the Kurdish woman who wove her fight into her rug.

You can weave your emotions into your watch, carrying it all your life to tell a story of your own without using a single word. We are proud to provide you with a unique, hand-crafted leather wristband.

We do love the environment. We do! We tried our best to stay away from silicons or plastic-related cheap and dangerous materials that would not be dissolved on our planet for hundreds of years! We decided to move forward with a natural material; leather! We searched for very caring family-owned small businesses across Italy and found our leather experts! They kindly asked us to stay anonymous; thus, we won’t be able to share their information with you (maybe just for now)! But they informed us of their process and allowed us to share the details with you.
Our straps are cattle hide- durable leather- made by the local artisans in Italy.
Every strap is made by hand in this beautiful atelier in Ancona, Italy, boasting a unique look only achieved from handcrafted detailing. This is a natural product, and leather colors may appear to vary slightly from strap to strap and not necessarily be identical to product images. However, we guess this would be OK since it will be a unique product.

Our leather makers are indeed very caring in their leather treatment process. For instance, our wristbands are produced in low-impact workshops with sustainably sourced leather from spin-offs of production. Only skins dyed with chromium-free pigments are used in the leather coloring process. The leather used for the lining undergoes a HYDRO treatment, creating more resistance to water and sweat for the part of the strap in contact with the skin. All of our leather products are registered and certified under the EU REACH(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restrictions of Chemicals) Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006

We provide you with a unique, well-loved, and cared, handcrafted, 100% Italian leather Strap. In addition, all of our straps come with an accident-free, quick-release type of spring bar to make the entire experience easy, enjoyable, safe, and time-consuming.
We have two sizes of straps so far; 18 mm/20mm
All the colors are inherited from the natural elements of our Kurdish region in Turkey. Color codes are; Chestnut-Brown, Ruby-Wine, Black-Noir, and Forest-Green.
All of our wristbands are easily interchangeable with other 18 mm/20mm Bajer watches to accommodate exchangeable styling effortlessly