Design, quality, and value are what make a product the best in its market. We did our best to provide you with a very thoughtfully studied, designed, and crafted timepiece. It took more than a year to complete the research, branding, logo design, web design, product design, and eventually prototyping phases by working with multinational teams across the globe.. We have worked and collaborated closely with our teams to come to this beautifully crafted, high quality and valuable product. Our teams are located in Brasil, London, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, and Turkey.

The outcome is priceless!

Our teams are the best in their fields and already hold many awards and lead institutions toward better design, sustainable design, conscious design, and circular economy.

Logo Design, Branding, Iconography, Art Direction, and Web Design made in collaboration with Kaleidoz Design and Studio BA


When the design process started at Bajer, Helio Rosas of Kaleidoz Design and Bruno Arizio of Studio BA collaborated on learning the Kurdish culture before jumping into work. They dedicated most of their time to understanding the core of our project. Every single detail was noted, well studied, and eventually played a significant role in the design of the product.

Many of the campaign pieces were created in Studio BA, and they came up with strategic thinking behind the earthy elements and find a way to bring that narrative to a visual realm.⁠

Bruno Arizio and his team went above and beyond our expectations by coming forward with the extraordinary art direction narrative which is based on stone, clay, and sand. Earthy elements are very present in the Kurdish regions of Turkey. And yet all those details found a perfect body to be visible in an artistic sense.

Studio–BA is an award-winning design and art direction practice having a very international prestigious portfolio across web design, graphic design creative direction, and photography.

They have Facebook. Toyota, Samsung, Gatorade, and Bajer are among their prestigious clientele.


Since his early days in practice in 2010, Bruno has received many awards including The FWA, Awwwards, Webby Awards, Visuelle, CSS Design Awards, AIGA, Typewolf, Behance, Muzli, and many other well-respected awards. Bruno frequently serves on the jury boards of world-renowned creative competitions such as Webby Awards (The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) and Awwwards.

Kaleidoz Design is an international design company, part of the Innovnation hub, with a mission of building value through design. Bajer watches have found a minimalistic body with Kaleidoz’ touch. From straps, to website and logo design, the simple, clear, elegant, and modern touches were complimenting the traditional details of our culture.